Family safety kit:
1 Panic Alarm $6.95

(add) 4 apps @ $9.95 Monthly

1 Panic Alarm  $6.95

(Add) 1 Smart Alert & 3 Smart Guard apps    

 ALL 4 Life Alarm safety apps monitored @ $9.95 monthly 

Life Alarm panic alarm is 130 decibel when activated and attaches to any belt, clothing, or purse.

Life Alarm Panic Alarm $6.95

  This panic alarm may be secured to a belt, clothing, or purse with the included clip or attachment. When your safety is in jeopardy, simply remove the activation pin, and a loud 130 decibel alarm will sound for up to 2 continuous hours.  Measures 3 inches x 2 inches and one-eigths inches x 1 and one-eighths inches.  One year warranty. One 9 volt battery is required.  $6.95 one-time purchase price.  

Life Alarm Smart Alert $9.95 monthly monitoring fee

Ideal for teenagers, college students, and mothers.  By pressing the Personal Help button on your app, Life Alarm Smart Alert's emergency operators will speak with you via two way voice .  Our operators will stay on line to comfort you in a potentially dangerous situation.   If help is needed, we will dispatch help to your GPS location.  Your app can also be used to contact Smart Alert operators when you only need a verbal escort. **All Smart Guard features will be included with your  Life Alarm Smart Alert Family Safety Kit.

Life Alarm Smart Guard

When you subscribe to our Life Alarm Smart Alert Family Kit , you receive up to 3 Life Alarm Smart Guard FREE.  Life Alarm Smart Guard mobile safety app provides your family with GPS tracking, Location Monitoring, and it gives you the ability to monitor your younger kids and teen's driving speed and whereabouts throughout the day and night.

FAMILY SAFETY KIT: 1 Panic Alarm & 4 Life Alarm apps


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